David Chlystek is an Emmy winning and Annie Award nominated Storyartist/Director.

His clients include Marvel,Disney

Dreamworks, and Jim Henson

David Lux has worked in animated feature for over 20 years. His clientele include Dreamworks, Sony Feature,

Illumination. His body of work includes

Angry Birds, Megamind, and Minions.

Rachel Bailit is an esteemed acting coach/actress. She has taught the Strasberg method of acting to working professionals at Dreamworks and Warner Animation Group.

We are dedicated to helping you achieve your

dream of becoming a working animation/live

action storyboard artist.

Taken from the highly successful, "Art of Storyboarding" class taught at the esteemed Animation Guild in Burbank, CA, with a waitlist of over 200 students, our mission is to take our combined 50+ years of experience, and use it to teach the next generation of storyartists.

Whether you are a beginner, or established professional looking to better hone your skills,

we have something to offer for everyone.

Contact David at Chlystek@hotmail.com

or (661) 312-2019