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In a business that is filled with pitfalls and landmines, any artist can easily fall into moments of confusion or

self doubt about the work they are presenting.  The demands on storyboard artists only get harder as the years

go by.

If you are taking a test for an animation job, you are usually left to your own devices. Most times, feeling alone and stressed about the work you are turning in, work that might change the course of your life!!

With over 40 years combined experience in an often brutal business, and having navigated the very waters you are treading, we know how you feel!  Put your trust in people who have not only been there, but have THRIVED in it!

If you are a working professional, having moments of self doubt about that new job, or struggling with a current board, we have been there!  WE CAN HELP!! 

With multiple Emmy/Annie awards and nominations as directors, storyboard artists we can help guide you in a direction that is not only right for the job, but something you can be proud of!

If you are struggling with Photoshop, or Storyboard Pro, with many years experience working on these platforms, having encountered numerous problems, creating shortcuts and solutions, we can help you get unstuck! 

Having helped hundreds of students get started in the business with the popular class, "The Art of Storyboarding", taught at the prestigious Animation Guild in Burbank, CA with a waitlist of over 200 people, David Chlystek has helped many students learn the craft of storyboarding and more importantly, GET JOBS!

Now, David is ready to come to you! You get up close and personal attention on your project/test/board.

And you won't have to be put on any waitlist!

We are here most days and evenings for you.

Contact us at for more information and to schedule a free 15 minute consultation today!

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