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Our philosophy when it comes to seminars is simple. We are dedicated to giving you all of the information culled from over a half century of combined experience working for, and thriving at ALL of the major film and

animation studios in Hollywood. 

Working for studios such as Marvel, Dreamworks, Disney, Warner Brothers, Illumination, and Cartoon Network to name a few, and not only surviving, but THRIVING, can be a daunting task, and to many, seem like an impossible dream. We are dedicated to not only making the impossible possible, but making it as easy as possible for you! 

Our seminars are designed to enlighten and educate you in ways that work! Our advice and expertise comes from working in the field on projects as diverse as Batman Beyond to Angry Birds! 

Our philosophy is to design a class that we wished existed when we started! Most of the things we focus on are applied in everyday work situations, yet very few books, or videos exist that even begin to touch on those topics!

Our goal is to bring that information to you, and blast you past the competition to get that job you always wanted!

Our special guests have included, Chris Pryrnoski, The Founder, and CEO of Titmouse, Kelsey Mann, Head of 

Story at Pixar Animation, Adam Van Wyk, multiple Emmy and Annie award winner from Justice League Unlimited to name a few. 

We put you in direct contact with the movers and shakers in the industry, who are willing to share their advice

on what it takes to work for their companies. Insider advice that you will not get anywhere else! 

With our new live stream, we make it easier than ever to make it to these empowering and life changing events.

We believe that you should never be penalized for living where you do. And to that end, we feel that 


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